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PrimeSource Funding Will Help You Through The Home Buying Process

PrimeSource Funding is committed to helping their clients find the mortgage of their dreams. The staff will guide you through the loan process. PrimeSource provides assistance regardless of whether you are a home buyer, looking for a short term mortgage, refinancing, or securing financing, the company can assist you.

Home Buying Guide

PrimeSource Funding is committed to helping first time home buyers. If you are looking to purchase a home, pre-approval is a great first step. If you are pre-approved by PrimeSource, keep in mind that the company does not administer an underwriting fee, and you will receive the lowest rate available. The staff has a community wide expectation of providing the best customer service.

Use your real estate agent to help you find homes on the market. Word of mouth references through your business peers are often helpful as well. Try to keep an open mind. PrimeSource does offer referrals. Your real estate agent can help you figure out the amount that you are willing to pay for the home, as well as any extra agreements or conditions. PrimeSource recommends seller paid closing costs. Your real estate agent will handle the negotiations. If you and the seller agree to terms, they will take the house off the market, and you can prepare to put down your deposit.

The home inspection is a critical part of the process. A professional will inspect the property to see if there are any issues with the safety and quality of the home. If the home inspection reveals issues that the seller did not inform you about, you have the option to rescind your offer and receive your deposit. You can also use the inspection to negotiate a new price or ask for a discount. PrimeSource will help you assess your options. If you are satisfied with the home, you can sign the necessary documents. The process normally takes a month to complete from start to finish. Once you have signed the paperwork, you can review the final terms and move into your home.

Refinancing Your Home

PrimeSource works with the top lenders on the market. The staff will inform you about the lowest rates, best terms, and other variables to assist you. There are multiple programs available to help you. PrimeSource can help you save money in two weeks. Most homeowners opt to refinance in order to lower the interest rate or monthly payments. Refinancing is also an option if you are trying to cut some years off the loan or gain some quick cash. For most homeowners, their property is their biggest asset and a huge chunk of their savings account. Think about how long you plan to keep your home and if refinancing is the right move for your long term interests. Think about how refinancing may impact your taxes. Perhaps a new loan may require increased taxes. If you are looking to liquidate, establishing a home equity line of credit could be your answer. PrimeSource will guide you through the process to help you make the best possible decision.

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